Thermoactive military wear

Protal ® fibres are providing the next generation of enhanced protection, from themoactive wear to sophisticated flash fire and electric arc garments.


Thermoactive Wear consisit of:

  • T- shirt
  • Long Sleeves Shirt
  • Pants
  • Short Pants
  • Balaclava

Ensures high thermal comfort and efficiently drain the moisture excess during the most intense activity:
Special fibers contained in the material maintain a constant body temperature and ensure great moisture management A flexible; compressible material fits perfectly to the body providing maximum freedom of movement It makes the underwear does not cause abrasions or skin damage during moving. Underwear has a special zones on the body map with increased ventilation, which provide efficient heat management in places exposed to excessive sweating.

Thermoactive wear is flame retardant which allows to use it in the most difficult situations by special forces and military teams.



  • Flame retardant;
  • Body thermo-insulation;
  • High breathability;
  • Strechability;
  • Natural body temperature regulation;
  • Double layered;
  • Hydrophilic system;
  • H20 Protection;
  • Colours: black, grey, desert, olive green;
  • Size range: S/M, L/XL;
  • Packing: individual piece in polybag;



In new collection of HPE Military Wear, we use Outlast ® technology – the special Thermocules ® absorbs heat and cools body in warm temperatures, as it is cold that heat is released.
The Thermocules ® are incorporated into fabrics and fibers our products and have the capacity to absorb, store and release excess heat.

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