Helicopter evacuation vest JAGA

The vest is designed for helicopter crew and consists of:

  • Ballistic vest (bulletproof):
  • Evacuation vest with a harness and a set of pocket:


The whole set of vests is used simultaneously to increase the possibility of survival and rescue of helicopter crew after shooting down or landing in the territory occupied by the enemy.

The main functions of the set are ballistic protection and enabling taking a person from the landing site. The vests should be use in the temperature from -40 °C to +50 °C.

Ballistic vest (bulletproof) The vest, with soft ballistic inserts, provides protection in accordance with NIJ Standard - 0101.04 level NIV and fulfils the class of ballistic protection K3 and fragmentation protection - class 02, PN-V-87000:2011.

Evacuation vest allows to take a survivor from the place of landing or crash of the helicopter. Vest is modular, based on the load-bearing panels connected in a permanent way. The front of evacuation vest is fastened, by an approved central lock.

The set also includes life Jacket - a special collar - which prevents drowning.

Pilot Rescue Vest is design to fulfill the requirement of Pilot Life Vest and Bulletproof Vest either.


  • made of waterproof and flame retardant material
  • Soft ballistic inserts with removable ballistic plates fulfill the highest level of protection: NIJ IV- 0101.06
  • Additional pockets allows to carry the essential military and rescue gears
  • Special system of hooks allows to pick up a survivor by rescue helicopter without landing
  • Special collar - life jacket prevents drowning

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