Anti-riot suit D30

HPE Poland Anti-Riot Division is glad to present a new version of Anti-Riot suit - Robocop - which provides the highest Impact Protection System. The products is tested and certified according to the trauma norm British Standard: BS 7971-8:2003.


PURPOSE: vest is designed to be worn on clothing.
PROTECTION: vest protects the upper body (arms, abdomen, chest: sides, back and lower abdomen) against impact, cutting and hitting of a blunt weapon MATERIAL: non-flammable, high quality polypropylene, anti-allergy,
INSERTS: special D30 anti-trauma material - the highest level of protection STABILITY: adjustable and ergonomic.
CLOSURE: Self-adhesive.
SIZE: S, M, L and XL - on customer's demands
ADDITIONAL: resistance to perforation., adjustable shoulder straps, baton holder in the rear part, fully equipped with a practical bag for transport and storage.
COLOUR: Black, White


- Military Institute of Armament Technology: according to EUROPEAN NORM
Arm protection
Chest and Stomach protection
Thig protection
Knee protection
Shin protection

British Standard - BS 7971 - 8:2003 and BS-7971-4:2022

Additional info:
  • Additionally can provide substantial shoulder protection from fragmentation and bullets (Protection Level: NIJ III),
  • Special molded PE and Kydex® outer shell features impact ridges that disperse the brunt of the blows, non-flammable according to the version
  • Non-flammable material Nomex® or Kernel® (on customer's demand)
  • Anti-Riot Suit system fastens and adjusts quickly with polypropylene and elastic straps with hooks and loops.
  • Antistab vest for better protection against knife and spikes;

Additional accessories: Anti-Riot Certified Helmet made of Kevlar®
Special Certified Gloves - cut resistant Anti-Riot Certified Shield

  • Ankle protection Feet protection 
  • Upper Body and Shoulder protection
  • Forearm Protection - Thigh and Groin Protection
  • Knee and Shin Guard Protection

Anti-Riot Suit Robocop D30 includes inserts made of D30 material which is the latest and the biggest improvement in trauma protection. Anti-Riot Suit Robocop D30 offers the biggest level of protection and reduce the weight of Anti-Riot Suit.


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