About us

The origins of Companies Holsters HPE Poland dates back to 1924 years. We are a company with a family tradition, where knowledge and experience were passed from generation to generation. In its current form it has been operating since 1990, mainly engaged in production, and to complement its range also distributes special equipment and tactical for the police special forces, army, military police, border guards, security agencies.

We produce also accessories defense and military articles for the civilian market. Our years of experience in the military can offer the highest quality products that meet the high demands of our customers.

We are also one of the largest producers of pepper gas in Europe. Our defensive gases by Hi-max is an official product used by the Polish Police and are sold and appreciated in Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary, USA. We also produce the strongest available on the market gases pepper Predator.

Thanks to cooperation with leading research centers in the country and the world, where are carried out testing of products, and through close cooperation with world producers of specialized equipment, we strive to market better and better and more technologically advanced products that meet the requirements of our customers.

For over 20 years we supply products such as pepper spray, holster the gun, handcuffs police to w / in the uniformed services. Our products are also available on the civilian market, and with the highest requirements of the Polish and European police, individual customer can be sure of the quality that far exceeds the products offered by the competition.

The mission of our company is:

meeting the needs and requirements of customers
maintaining customer trust
high quality and reliability of provided work



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